The Graphics Interchange Format of two cat individuals presents the dilemma and emerging controversy of obsessive pet adoption during corona crisis. Both pieces are made by layering different collages of images on which a portrait of an actual cat is present in a company of graphic distortion as well as color wave changer. In parallel with unexpected situations of brand-new ownership of a living creature the images are coincidental and later randomly chosen to line one after another. The result is a diptych of glitched consequences rotating in manner to make a viewer a bit dizzy or uncomfortable. The images are secured and fixed in a simple GIF that acts as a moment caught in time. In a way it is quite personal since it represents the mixed feeling of resentment and compassion towards two really real kittens that host chaos in their little brain; as presented in this work.

The project consists of rethinking compulsive decisions and its consequences on a platform that allows one to express within extreme visual language that remains instantaneous, safe and non-threatening. It also enables to explore color combinations and odd linking of the wildly organic and strongly digital.