Greetings reader, I am an art historian and culturologist of East Asia that writes art critiques, makes collages and performs plant pots adaptations.

I am also raising my indoor plant collection, baking a lot of sourdough bread, making kombucha and doing dance acrobatics. Mostly fascinated by analog collages and inclusion of other art techniques as well as their universal use and potential problems related to art copyrights. Formats are often small, made on cardboard with often used colours of gold, grey and purple. Collages are mostly made of newspaper clippings, cuttings of photographs and pieces of different original art works, they are very personal and made in a spur of inspiration with material and tools that are available at the moment. I am interested in creation of a new art piece by being limited to very specific material while considering opportunistic approach and using some black humour.

Art critique, interviews and reportages are mostly published on Koridor – križišča umetnosti and highlight some contemporary exhibitions and different artists in Slovenia and elsewhere. Although the texts are easy and safely written they persist to remain grumpy and full of bad jokes.

Maša Žekš

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]